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04:37 pm: Weekend Review
I had a blast this weekend in Maine. Mostly said blast terminated my lower back shoveling a couple cubic yards of dirt with Jon.

(Is is wrong to discuss a Hue and funeral plans while moving a mound?)

It was wonderfully lovely to spend some quality time with the wife and soak up some fresh Maine air. Cats and chickens, couches and comfort, TV and TMI, all good.

Drank with the CT locals (including a Norwalk newbie) yesterday at the New Haven pub moot and collapsed early.

I am a hurting unit today but I'll happily consider it a Hof toll for this weekend's Blot. I also have my Grandfather's tombstone unveiling next Sunday. That will be a major suck in driving. 5 Hrs. to Maine on Friday, 5 hrs back on Saturday, 2 to Long Island on Sunday and 2 back.

So it will be a bonus Ipod load for the next week.
Speaking of Ipods, I think I'm going to blog my listening habits since music really doesn't cut it for me.
Speaking of loads, I've had some interesting battles between Jotun worshipers and self-appointed Crusaders, which I also may blog about.
We shall see. Stay tuned for tales of shotgunned zombies, in progress.

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